Onboard the right customers seamlessly and only introduce friction when necessary

Remove friction to grow conversion rates

Increase automation to improve onboarding speed and leverage third-party data to simplify the application process.

Identify fraudsters faster

Introduce early warning signals for fraud and build a segmented onboarding process that adds additional friction for applicants with higher risk levels.

Make life easier for your analysts

Build custom review workflows and surface all available data on an applicant to reduce time spent on manual review.

Instantly access every data source you need

Leverage the right third-party data sources for your customer segments, ranging from instant identity verification to device biometrics and many more.

Customer Story

How Crew onboards customers quickly and safely

"Using Taktile, we were able to set up a sophisticated KYC ladder that allowed us to automatically decide the vast majority of applications. Plus, we built a solid manual review workflow that seamlessly integrates into our onboarding process. Taktile has been a phenomenal partner, and the product is extremely well designed and easy to use"
Gentry Davies, CEO of Crew

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