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Taktile and Deeploy partner to revolutionize high-risk, AI-driven decision-making

In a world where AI is quickly growing in prominence and regulation, it has become crucial for financial services providers to equip themselves with the tools they need to confidently navigate the complexities of AI-driven decision-making.

As part of our mission to empower businesses to seamlessly build, run, and experiment with automated risk decisions, we have partnered with Deeploy to bring in a new era of responsible and effective AI utilization in the financial services industry.

"Our strategic partnership with Deeploy marks a significant milestone in our mission to transform risk decisioning," explains Maik Taro Wehmeyer, Co-Founder and CEO of Taktile. 

Taktile’s decision engine software, which empowers teams to build, run, and experiment with powerful automated risk decisions, provides businesses with building blocks that seamlessly integrate AI and machine learning models into their risk decisions.

"With our easy-to-use interface and a wide range of pre-built ML and AI integrations, Taktile enables businesses to unlock the full potential of AI-driven decision-making," says Maik Taro Wehmeyer.

“But it's about more than just technology; it's about fostering a culture of accountability and transparency when using AI – and this is where Deeploy comes into the picture."

Deeploy’s platform is the protective layer that allows banks and fintechs to deploy high-risk AI systems without compromising on transparency, control, and compliance. With a focus on explainable AI, Deeploy allows organizations to implement and oversee AI models while meeting stringent regulatory standards and ethical guidelines.

"Our goal at Deeploy is to empower organizations to deploy high-risk AI models responsibly and efficiently," emphasizes Maarten Stolk, CEO at Deeploy. "By providing tools for transparency and oversight, we're helping organizations build trust and stay in control of their AI decision-making."

With Taktile and Deeploy, organizations undertaking risk decisioning can drive innovation, mitigate risk, and stay ahead in an increasingly AI-driven world. By combining both Taktile's decision engine with Deeploy's AI platform, banks and fintechs can:

  • Seamlessly deploy AI and ML models
  • Ensure transparency
  • Significantly improve compliance and monitoring of their AI/ML models

"Together, we offer organizations the holistic support they need to harness AI with confidence," says Maik Taro Wehmeyer. "It's about equipping businesses to make smarter, more informed decisions while upholding the highest standards of accountability."

"With Taktile and Deeploy, customers gain deeper insights into their AI-driven decision-making processes," explains Maarten Stolk. "Combining both our solutions empowers organizations to deploy AI systems responsibly, comply with regulatory requirements, and optimize their risk decisioning processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness."

Looking ahead, Taktile and Deeploy remain committed to advancing responsible AI-driven decision-making. Together, we will continue to deliver innovative solutions that empower organizations to navigate AI-driven risk decisioning and maintain a competitive edge.

Want to learn how Taktile’s Decision Engine can help you integrate AI and ML into your risk decisions?

To learn more about how Deeploy can simplify your AI implementation & compliance, request a demo with one of their experts.

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