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The decision engine trusted by fast-moving teams

Unblock your risk and credit teams

Empower your team to own underwriting operations end-to-end. Build, run, and optimize automated decisions without engineering support.

Increase approvals without increasing risk

Rapidly improve your credit policies by using historical data to identify improvements and run live experiments to validate them before rolling them out.

Get products to market in record time

Reduce product launches to a matter of weeks. Leverage pre-built data integrations to launch, test, and iterate on products in new segments and geographies with ease.

Instantly access every data source you need

Taktile's leading Data Marketplace offers a suite of pre-built integrations and connects to your data warehouse, so you can immediately access the data you need to enhance your underwriting decisions.

Customer Story

Using Taktile, SaveIN lends profitably with speed and ease

“Do not be a slave to development by building and maintaining your own internal system. At SaveIN, we are very focused on profitability. We brought on Taktile early to set us up for success.”
Jitin Bhasin, CEO of SaveIN

One decision engine, endless possibilities