Leverage powerful automation to grow your lending volumes and reduce manual underwriting

The most sophisticated B2B lenders run on Taktile

Grow loan approvals without growing your ops team

Introduce highly automated underwriting workflows that leverage powerful data integrations tailored to assess the risk of your customer base.

Reduce time spent on manual review

Easily route the decisions you want to automate, and those that require manual review. Design tailored review queues that surface all the right information to your underwriters.

Design tailored credit policies for all of your segments

Rapidly optimize the risk assessment for each of your segments by using historical data to identify improvements and run live experiments.

Instantly access new data sources that unlock underwriting automation

Leverage Taktile's Marketplace of leading B2B data providers to serve more customers and save time and money on building data integrations in-house.

Customer Story

Using Taktile, SME lender Silvr grew its signed loan fundings by 8x

“With Taktile's intuitive interface, we're able to rapidly iterate on versions and thresholds within our credit policy, streamlining the process of testing and refining. This accelerated approach has resulted in a significant reduction in the time it takes to assess loan applications, ultimately enabling us to significantly increase our underwriting volumes."

Sébastien Allain, Head of Operations at Silvr

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